--> A Real-Time Alarm Analysis Advisor

Steven Silverman, James Dixon, Tim Fink and Paul Kotas, Consolidated Edison Company of New York, Inc; Alvin Shoop, Bhashyam Ramesh, and Philip Klahr, Inference Corporation

The system operation computer control system (SOCCS) monitors and assists in the control of electric power transmission and distribution in the New York City area. SOCCS gathers data from monitored points, compares them against expected normal values, and generates alarms when values are abnormal. The SOCCS alarm advisor (SAA) is an expert system that assists operators by identifying and suppressing repeating or toggling alarms, analyzing the electric network’s status, and recommending appropriate restoration actions. SAA is a real-time expert system processing a maximum of 200 alarms every two seconds. In the analysis, SAA uses physical, functional, and temporal models to locate problem areas and propagate their effects through the causal network. SAA is operational and provides operators with timely reports on system conditions and operations.

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